Refunds and Adjustments
1. Refund Procedures
KoinFold Pay can facilitate cryptocurrency refunds on your behalf. You can decide to issue a partial refund or refund the full amount of the initial purchase. You can also decide whether to issue the refund denominated in your local currency or in a supported cryptocurrency. If you do not have enough funds in your KoinFold Pay account to cover the refund, KoinFold Pay may require you to deposit a cryptocurrency or fiat to KoinFold Pay to cover the refund to the Purchaser. Any required currency conversion during the refund process will be calculated at a spot rate determined by KoinFold Pay.

1.2 Requirement of InvoiceID or Tag to Ensure Refund of Payment Exceptions for XRP
Because all XRP invoices share the same address, you must ensure that payment transactions include either an invoiceID or return the same value sent in the original tag by KoinFold Pay so we can identify your payment. At least one of the required invoiceID or the original value in the tag fields will be included along with the invoice. If a purchaser is using a payment-protocol enabled wallet, the invoiceID will automatically be included in any XRP transaction. If an XRP transaction is sent to our account without either the invoiceID tag or the tag information, there is no guarantee that we can determine who it came from and therefore KoinFold Pay will not be able to provide a refund.

1.2 Disclosure of Your Refund Policy
KoinFold Pay is not responsible for Merchant refund policies. We do suggest Merchants have a clear refund policy for their customers (including, if applicable, “no refunds are allowed as all sales are final”). For certain industries, a refund policy may not be applicable (e.g. where a service is provided). If refunds are permitted, we recommend you to refund the amount of the initial purchase in the currency in which the item was priced.

1.3 Purchaser Complaints
Purchasers filing complaints with KoinFold Pay about a purchase will be forwarded to you for resolution. KoinFold Pay reserves the right to terminate accounts which receive excessive complaints.

1.4 Merchant Complaints
Merchants filing complaints regarding our processing service should complaints via email, phone or mail at or 1.650.222.2863, or 430 Eagle Drive, Ione Ca 95640